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It's that time of year...tired of getting those pesky insect bites this summer?  Try our all natural, deet-free Shoo-Fly bug repellent...great protection without the bad ingredients! 


We've got a spray, lotion bar, travel lotion bar & a soap! These are great to pack for camping trips or just for spending time out in the backyard. 


Just rub or spray on exposed areas of skin...arms, legs, neck, behind ears, wrists & feet before going outside. Great for camping, cook-outs, sporting events or just playing out in the yard. Our bug repellent is DEET free & completely natural.

Choose from a 4 oz. twist up solid lotion bar, 1.5 oz travel bar or 4 oz. spray bottle. Vegan.

Shoo-Fly Bug Repellent

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