*Please be advised that Body Butters that are ordered April - October will be shipped with a freezer pack to try to keep them cool. Local pick up is recommended during warm months. These are natural butters & we will not guarantee that they will not melt into a liquid at temps above 75 degrees. These products will not be refunded or exchanged because of melting. Body butters will also melt if left in a hot car.* This is our version of body lotion....but so much better! Whipped shea body butter is smooth, rich & creamy with only 3 main ingredients...shea butter, coconut oil & babassu oil. These are whipped, whipped & whipped some more to make them light & fluffy. All are made from scratch & no lotion bases are used. Definitely a treat for your skin that melts on contact. 8 oz. jar. Vegan.

Whipped Shea Body Butter

  • Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, essential oils